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SureGuard PVC Waterstops are extruded from high-grade PVC compounds, designed for use in expansion, construction & contraction joint, the concept is to provide a water barrier across all joints where joints will be subjected to moisture seepage or hydrostatic pressure.


● Will accommodate movement during construction and service life
● Ease of use simple non-site jointing
● Brass reinforced eyelets edge flanges to ensure perfect fixing
● Approval for use in contact with potable water


SureGuard PVC Waterstops c/w brass reinforced eyelets to provide wiring to reinforcement without penetrating the waterstop within the water-sealing region. SureGuard PVC Waterstop allow lasting waterlight seals in any above or bellow grades construction for bridges, spillways, reservoirs, tunnels, dams, aqueducts, water tower & tank, retaining walls, sewage treatment plants, filtration & generation plants, basements & swimming pools, they are being capable of withstanding from either the internal or external face.