Products Catalogue

Products Catalogue


During plastering process, we’ll always use additive onto the mixture of cement, sand and water to make it goes smooth, less friction, easier to apply on the wall.

Unlike liquid product, our plastering mortar additives are made of high polymerization cellulose. Our plastering mortar additives able to control the dehydration process of cement mortar while we increase the fluidity of it, to protect wall surface from shrinkage crack.

For the different needs of our customers, we have developed few types of mortar additive focus in specific requirement: HY Mix which first in mortar quality, I-Mix which special develop for our mortar pump machine.


HY-MIX is special designed to advance the quality of plastering cement mortar. It evens the dehydration process of cement mortar to reduce shrinkage crack while increasing the fluidity of it, increase the workability to provide a best plastering experience ever.

I-Mix is designed according to the request of most customers who wish to have a maximize workability of plastering process. The quality of plastering mortar can directly influence the time taken of plastering process, and the efficiency of the plastering workers. Smi8x helps to save time and labour cost by increasing the quality of cement mortar and produce a plastering wall with less shrinkage cracks.